Feb 16, 2009

masters swim part 3

I did it. I went to bed early, I got up early and made it to master swim.. YEAH!! oh wait except today is a holiday and guess what there was no "official" master swim work out. At least the gym was open. The pool was almost empty when I got there and slowly some of the regular people showed up to to swim an unofficial masters swim. So I swam the work out on the board (Fridays work out) and got in a strong 3200 yrds but it was not the usual focus of masters. My lane was kind of a mess - there was one gal that was doing her own thing and was super slow - which is saying a lot since I'm rather slow. So it feels like only partial success but at least my swim work out is done for the day.

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3200 metres in the morning is a big deal, masters or no masters. Good for you GRL.

Swimming in a lane with other people going slow, doing their own thing is good Ironman Swim Practice.