Feb 15, 2009

happy valentines weekend

I spent the weekend doing what I love with my love.. ok that was super corny but isn't that what valentines day is all about.
Friday night after work I swam and just kept swimming for 3500 yrds (I only had 3000 on my schedule) but I felt good and just enjoyed being in the water. I really need a new swimsuit though - my current one is very stretched out from the chlorine.

Saturday Kyle and I both rode around lake Sammamish and then some to get enough time. I had a great ride and was able to do a few pick ups and feel really good on my bike. I also passed a few guys which is always fun hehe. As is ind of the norm now Kyle and I did not actually train together but we train at the same time which works for both of us :) I got my 1:45 ride in and then was planning on going for a rn but got distracted by talking to Jake while he waited to see if Kyle could recreate his lower leg issue. It was chilly and in no time at all I was chilled and gave up on running off the bike and called it a day. Not a huge issue since coach had said to only run if I had the energy...
After the ride we nt out for Chipotle and then came home and I took a nap till it was time to go to a friends valentines day party. All in all a good day.

Today we slept in and and headed out on a run on the East lake Sammamish Trail around noon. I only had an hour run to do while Kyle had 2 hours so I ran my run and then since I wanted to get some more exercise so I hopped on my single speed and headed back on the trail to catch up with Kyle and ride back in with him.
My run actually went pretty well - nothing amazing but I worked hard to stay in base training heart rate zones and not worry about much else.
Kyle raves about these Honey Stinger gels so I tried the chocolate - it was not bad but did not really give me a lot of pep and iI was still hungry after taking it so I will probably stick with Accel gels with protein.
Once I was done with my run I did a quick transition into my bike stuff and headed back out on my single speed. It felt good to spin out my legs after running even though it did seem weird to ride after running. I got a good 30 min or so before I met back up with Kyle on his way back and the rest of the way i rode support for him and just let my heart rate come down and warm down.

Now I'm sitting with my feet up and watching the Tour of California with Kyle and am very glad it is not raining as much here. Ok now I need to get my stuff together for tomorrow and go to bed early so I can wake up and go to masters swim.... wish em luck lol ;)

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