Jan 31, 2009

25 random things

ok this facebook thing is going around so here it is 25 things about me:

1. name has nothing to do with Shakespeare but always gets asked
2. has 13 tattoos - 12 snowflakes and 1 Ironman canada
3. has always lived in the seattle area but always thought I would have moved
4. is a morning person
5. decided to do an ironman after only doing 3 sprints and has been addicted ever since
6. can eat an entire flat of berries in one sitting - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries
7. occasionally I find myself turning in circles like a cat
8. had 2 concussions with in the first month of meeting my husband Kyle
9. my cat Toko sleeps on me every night and thinks the 5am alarm means it is time to cuddle
10. still loves to twirl when cherry blossoms or leaves get blown around
11. went to Italy with my Mother in-law and left my husband at home
12. loves baby blue but will settle for most shades of blue
13. is dyslexic
14. finds happiness in the details
15. loves feeling like a girl when I drink cappuccinos from my polka dot cup and saucer
16. would wear athletic clothing all the time if I could
17. is a glass half full kind of person
18. i love sweets even though they give me headaches
19. likes to wear skirts and compression capris together
20. has a hard time sitting still
21. lives with 4 spoiled cats - Jinx, Toko, Swix, and Pixel
22. there are a lot of photos of me sleeping in a toolbox as a baby
23. has as many bikes as I have skis - 2 - fischer fat skis and my all time favorite fischer slalom skis, a cervelo R3 and 1980 bianchi single speed
24. is a mac addict who lives in the shadow of the evil empire Microsoft (and even worked for them for a year)
25. took 2 days to figure out this list

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untpawgal02 said...

Everyone is putting this 25 random things from facebook on their blog!!!! 13 Tattoos... omg!