Feb 25, 2009

100 yrds in 1:40

A new PR for my swim. Today there was crazy masters swim work out in honor of one of the team coaches Jake's birthday. The main set was 3600 yrds with warm up and cool down it made the full work out 4000. I only needed to swim 3000 and never get there early enough to do the full warm up(sorry 6am is early enough for me). I probably got in about 150 before we started the main set.
The first set of 10 x100 (odds -50 drill, 50 swim. evens - 50 kick, 50 swim) was not to bad, I warmed up and felt pretty good. Legs were a little tight but loosened up well.
Next up was the killer - 10 x 100 on 2:00 intervals (hard). The first one I felt great swam a 1:40 and had :20 rest! I was shocked that is the fastest I have swam a 100 and I was not dying. Sets 2-6 I was able to keep it up 1:40 - 1:42 :)!! I slowed a bit 7-10 to 1:45.. By now my arms felt like they had fallen off and I had finished an entire bottle of cytomax in the process. I was so happy with how I swam - no excuses I just went for it :)
It was not over next was 10 x 100 (odd - stroke, swim. evens - 50 hard, 50 easy). My arms were smoked and I was tired. The last 50 hard I felt like a rock sinking with no arms.
There was another 6 x 100 pull but i only had 3000 on my schedule and it was time for me to get to work..
But I made it 3150 yrds with over 1250 yrds of hard effort and swam those hard efforts faster than I expected :D hehe and it is only February - I have till June till my first triathlon...


untpawgal02 said...

That is so awesome news! Making and holding 100s on that interval can be very fierce! But think how fast you're gonna be :)


Good swimming girl. It was really good to hold pace for multiple sets.

Next workout, 1:39?