Nov 4, 2007

cold and wet ride

This morning Kyle and I were completely deceived about the weather and it looked dry at our house so we headed out on a bike ride. It was strange i have not been on my bike for a little while - I have gone to spinning class but that is different. I felt really stretched out but otherwise it only took a second to be back to normal. With in probably 5 to 10 min it started to drizzle and the roads were wet. I was also getting sprayed from Kyle's rear wheel. It sucked. My legs were cold, I could barely see anything through my wet glasses. It continued to rain for more till we got almost back to Marymoore park. By this time I was completely soaked through, even my feet were wet, the only good thing was my hands were dry because I decided to wear my heavy duty winter gloves. There was also a lovely headwind that kept my legs cold. So we decided just to ride home. The hill back up Bel-red road was hard - I just did not have a tone of energy and I was trying to keep my heart rate down. In the end we rode 22 miles in about 1:29 min and as soon as we were done I jumped in a hot shower to warm back up.

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