Oct 28, 2007

1st work out since..

Yeah I know the nike marathon race report is a week overdue but I have been sick ever since I got back in town. Monday was by far the worse of it and it just added to how sore I was. The rest of the week it was more manageable but I had to take cold medicine to get to sleep. So I bailed on all workouts in an effort to get better which mostly seemed to work. Today it is mostly just an annoying cough and low energy. I tried to go on a bike ride yesterday because it was so nice out but instead took a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day...
Today I made it out for a run with Col, Bryan and Piper. It was really hard because I had no energy - mostly I just tried to keep Bryan and Col with in sight. At least it was a really nice day - the weather was perfect for running, not to hot or cold, no wind. I did not cough to much during the run, just every so often, my heart rate was high but it always is sort of that high. My left hip started hurting around mile 3 and is still sore now but not much else as far as residual aches and pains from the marathon. In all we ran 4 miles and I finished in about 35 min - which was still a sub 9 min pace overall. But I was very happy to be done. Of course after not having to much trouble cough while running when I stopped all I did was cough - for a good 5-10 min.
Hopefully this coming week will go better and I will kick this dumb cold.

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