Nov 23, 2007


It is dark out when ever I'm not at work, cold, rainy, no real snow to speak of in the mountains yet, I have been training just having a hard time finding time to write about it. We are remodeling our house so we can sell it in January, 9 days ago I became an aunt for the first time, I'm going through some transitions and stress at work with my job sort of up in the air.

As far as training goes I have been doing more base training - slow and steady while keeping my heart rate down in zone 1 & 2.
My running is doing good - couple time s a week, usually a longer one on the weekend to keep my endurance up. I'm still having some tightness issues with my hips but I'm stretching, and doing all my hip exercises more which seem to be helping. Col added a stairs work out - 40 min of "running" stairs - my legs were ok but my calves just killed I could not walk the next 2 days.
I'm not getting the time on the bike that I would like due to either bad weather or lack of time it seems. I really miss the long rides of summer with the crew. Though I really feel that I need my bike refit - every time I ride it my shoulder hurts for a day or more afterwards.
I'm getting a swim or two in a week mostly focused on form so lots and lots of drills. I keep planning on taking another lesson but have not gotten around to it yet.
I have been keeping up on at least one strength training work out once a week and I took a couple pilates classes which were really good. I wish pilates was not so expensive it is so good for both strength (esp core) and flexibility (which I really need).

Today I did a VO2 max test at the Real Rehab booth at the Seattle Marathon Expo. It was pretty hard but got some more information about what my zones are for running. I'm not really sure what any of it really meant but I guess I did well and Col will print it all out and go over it with me again later. The crazy thing was my max heart rate was 200 bpm... Everyone was kind of shocked. I am usually high but I mostly only get to 198 bpm.

I'm not running Seattle half or full marathon for that mater this year which feels kind of strange but nice at the same time. Kyle is running the half so I plan on being a cheerleader/shirpa for him. Col is going to be a pace setter for the 4 hour marathon group.. but she has the last 6 miles so I'll probably see her at the finish. Joan (Kyle's mom) is walking the half with a group of her friends as well. I just hope that the weather stays good for everyone - last year was miserable.

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Coach Tammy said...

Well, be sure and cheer for me when I run by tomorrow! I'd tell you what I'm wearing, but I still haven't figured that out. LOL!