Nov 6, 2007

very dark

Last night I left work and it was already pitch black out at 5:20p.. It is amazing how short the day is now.. Anyway I met up with Col, Bryan and Kyle for an easy run around Greenlake. It was really really dark so we all had reflective stuff on and headlamps. Col and I ran an easy pace so that we kept our heart rates low.Of course the guys were on their own plan. It was actually kind of hard to jeep the pace low but Col did a good job of slowing the pace down when ever our heart rates got higher than she wanted. It was especially hard when we ran up the long hill while still trying to keep my heart rate under 180bpm. Other than the heart rate stuff I felt good, my legs felt weird running so slow and when we had to run downhill I got a really bad stomach cramp. I'm not sure what it was all about but once we were back on level ground I felt better. On the last little bit Bryan tripped and twisted his ankle which looked really bad. After he was able to walk again Col and I kept running. Then we kept our garmins going to get a recover heart rate.

Then this morning I got up early (trying to get back in that habit) and swam. the pool was sort of crowded - always is on Tuesday/Thursdays. But I got lucky and got a lane with a gal that knew good lap swim manners. Col gave me a plan which I mostly fallowed... Lets see I did 400 warm up, 400 drills, 300x2 (instead of 330, 150x2), 100x4, and 200 cool down. I felt pretty good, though my left shoulder was still sore from the bike ride on Sunday and my right hip/quad was tight from the run last night. I focused a lot of good form so I kept my pace at my go forever pace of 2 min 100s and 10-15 second rests between sets. It was another good base training type work out...

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