Nov 26, 2007

500 yrd time trial

First off this past weekend Kyle ran the Seattle Half marathon and ran a PR by 2 min with a 1:37:31. He was really happy and I am so happy for him - he kicked butt on a hard course. The weather was perfect a bit chilly but dry and sunny - nothing like last year. I saw him off at the start and then I went for a run. I started near the finish and ran out on the course till I saw the lead guy and then I turned around and tried to make it back in time to see Kyle finish. I had to almost sprint the last mile to go grab both Kyle's clothes and mine from the car and then sprint back to the finish area. I made it into the stadium about 5-10 before Kyle came in. It worked out perfectly - we both got a good run in :)

Tonight I went for a 2000 yrd swim - Col told me to do a 500 time trial. I expected it to be slow as usual but I decided to really push myself. I started with 300 warm up, 100 moderate then the 500 time trial and I did it in 9:55! I think doing flip turns helped. It was really hard but at the same time easy compared to the VO2 test the other day so I just stuck with it. I'm really happy about it because I could have sworn that it would have been over 10 min. After the time trial I did 100 easy, 300. Planned on doing 200, 300, 200 cool down but instead I just kept going and did 700 - I just kept wanting to work on my flip turns lol. I know it is only 5 seconds but I'm really happy with my time - I really want to get faster this winter and this is a good start :)

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