Nov 7, 2007

I should have stayed in bed

So far this morning has not gone ideally.. I tossed and turned most of the night - woke up at 5am and since I was wide awake went to the gym by 5:30a for spin class. I could not find my keys so I used the spares. Got to the gym for spin class - realized I forgot my heart rate monitor and there was a sub for the normal teacher and he did not do an endurance focused class - he was more into doing hill climb and intervals that pushed it up to anaerobic levels. So I did my own thing just kind of did long intervals of increasing difficulty but still trying to stay in a base training mode. I felt tired and some of the congestion/cold stuff seemed to come back so it was not the most fun spin class. At least the music was good - not really the right tempo for base training but it did not suck.
After class I stretched out and bit and headed home. I got ready for work (and an interview today) and asked Kyle if he had seen my keys.. He said that he last saw them on top of my car from when he unlocked the bike rack last night... While I fed the cats he went looking for my keys. He found them in the middle of the road pretty much destroyed. Just lovely..
Hopefully the rest of my day will be better... I'm armed with coffee and a yummy blueberry scone so things are already a bit better.

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