Jan 7, 2008

strong run in the wind

This morning may not have been my best morning but my weekend was actually pretty good. Well both Friday and Sunday I was supposed to get a ride in and did not but I'm letting it go. I'm working on a solution - most likely a CycleOps fluid trainer (I would have got one tonight but all local REIs were sold out can you believe it). Anyway so the bike thing should get better.
Saturday after doing house stuff - while the guys watched the Seahawks game and Colleen was on her trainer I went for an 8 mile run. It was crazy windy - it felt like I had a head or side wind for 6 out of the 8 miles which sucked. Otherwise my only thing was that my right foot was sensitive and kind of hurt most of the run. I'm not really sure what caused the flare up, maybe skiing but I'm not sure anyway. I'm pretty used to running with it and it never got higher than a 5ish on the 1-10 pain scale so no big deal. I was sort of pleasantly surprised by my time (I did not always stop my watch at stops either) - I finished the 8 miles in 1:09:44. So my run in getting faster :) About 20 min after the run my right foot really hurt - I had to limp it was horrible (7 out of 10). Luckily it sort of faded as the night went on. But still not a good sign.

My new Fischer Vision Zeal fat skies showed up on Friday and we managed to get them mounted by Saturday night so I had to go test them out Sunday morning up at Alpental. Kyle was still recovering from his Strep throat the week before so I went up by myself - not my favorite but I understood his reason and I really wanted to try the skis out. I left super early to beat traffic and get there before the lifts opened. It was snowing the whole drive up. Got in line took a few runs on the lower mountain before chair 2 opened up. The skis are good - sadly the conditions could have been better - it was 4 inches of power on top of crust/ice so my fatties were not the best. I sort of wished I had my race skis with me. Oh well they still handled pretty well on the groomed. Chair 2 opened and the clouds started to part as I headed up the mountain. It was perfect.The conditions were a bit better up top and I found some untracked areas which is always fun. After about 6 runs up top I got kind of bored skiing by myself so I did one last run down international and headed home for the day. All in all got some good exercise and I like my new skies (really look forward to skiing them on some softer snow).

Tonight since I could not get a trainer on my way home I went to the pool. It was way more crowded then I like but I felt tired and just wanted to accomplish something training wise today. So I got 2000yrds done - I managed to do six 100s each under 1:50 so I was happy with that since I feel so out of it.

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