Jan 10, 2008

mixed results

I finally did it I got a trainer and set it up last night for an hour ride. Col gave me a crazy workout with one leg drills and a cadence ladder. I defiantly need to work on my right leg - my left was way smoother. The cadence ladder was a challenge esp the 2nd set - my right leg/hip got really tight - luckily it loosened up enough during the rest between sets that I was able to to keep going. While I was riding I actually felt pretty good - no shoulder pain really, no foot pain, no hip pain. My ass was a bit sore by the end but nothing that bad. In all I worked hard and enjoyed getting my bike work out done. Afterwards I especially streched my legs and my shoulders out just to be good.

This morning I had pilates bright and early at 6am - I don't think I was even really awake till I got to the gym and ran for 5 min to warm up. The instructor I have been working with has been really good about pushing me to really pull my abs in and my shoulders down and back. I sort of noticed right away that my shoulder was a bit tighter than normal but it was no big deal till I was doing a full pike - which is usually one of my favorite exercises. Not today - my left shoulder revolter and cramped up right in the middle of it. I barely made it through the sets for the middle and the sideways ones and had to have help (which I usually don't need). The nice thing is that he just switched gears and we stretched out my shoulder and then did some shoulder opening exercises which helped.

So the shoulder pain has not gone away and it has not been this bad in a while. I'm guessing it is the bike... It totally annoyed me all day. I just want my bike to fit - I'm so sick of this dumb injury.

Colleen has upped how many days I do my shoulder pt exercises to every other day and hope that that will help build some strength into my upper back and shoulder. But I can't get away from that it gets worse when I ride :(
I love my bike and I hate not wanting to be on it in fear of my shoulder hurting... Tomorrow is a recovery day and I have a massage which will help as well. I'm really looking forward to solving this issue and moving on..

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triguyjt said...

isn't it great to be able to hope on a trainer...
I am fortunate my bride is a pilates instructor. no telling how much i would spend on drop in fees.
good luck overcoming that shoulder situation