Jan 24, 2008

lets see

Training is going along as usual even though the rest of my life has become kind of crazy lately.

I feel good about my running, I have been getting about 3 days in a week. I have been working on running faster and being able to maintain a faster pace longer. Also Col has been working with me on keeping or even picking the pace up at the end of a long run when I'm tired. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to do the Mercer Island 10k or half marathon. If I did the half it would be more of a training run than an all out race since Vancouver is my priority run race. Which might be good or bad mentally. Either would be good for me physically.

Swimming is going alright. We are leaving the Pro Club so we joined another gym and the pool is not chlorine which is kind of strange - it feels slow but isn't. It is not really set up like a true lap swim pool - no clock at the end or lane markers for when you do back stroke, no kick boards or pull buoys (so I got my own) and totally empty most of the time I was there. It is going to take some getting used to but it will be fine. I may find a new swim coach or clinics instead of doing lessons - I could see clinics being beneficial anyway.

I got a ride in a couple weeks ago outside and have been using my trainer so I'm maintaining my cycling. I am switching over to a full flight deck on my bike which I'm hoping will help a bit more with my fit and be nicer on my shoulder (though it is all in my head so I should just let it go and ride more).

Since I'm leaving the Pro Club and thus also leaving my pilates guy Jim so I have started working with a new Pilates instructor - Monique at Element Studios. Coach Tammy recommended her a couple months ago. Col and I are working with her one night a week and then I'm going to start seeing her another day a week in hopes of helping strengthen my shoulder some more and I just really enjoy it so it is a good way for me to destress.

I think that about covers where I'm at right now. 3 months till Vancouver Half Marathon and 4 months till Hawaii 70.3 :) it is going to be a fun summer.

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kushal said...

Another Seattle Ironman! Awesome! I'm in the thick of training for Penticton, and it looks like you're doing just fine for Hawaii and Vancouver.

Oh, and if your pool doesn't work out, the pool at St. Edwards Park is just awesome. Everyday Athlete holds coaching sessions there on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays too.