Jan 7, 2008

I failed

I planned on riding my bike into work today - my bag was already packed, my clothes ready but instead I tossed and turned all night and morning and will be driving in. I have been really horrible about getting on my bike so I have been wanting to ride to work to get he time and mileage in well.. Now I just feel guilty of skipping a work out and something I planned on doing. All because I psyched/scared myself of riding in the dark. The route is basic enough most of it is on the I90 trail but I have no idea how much of it is lighted and since I have to be ready to work by 9ish my ride would be almost entirely in the dark. I feel so dumb and disappointed in myself for not going and just doing it. I woke up stressing about it all night, I looked at the clock at least once an hour - which was horrible. To add to it is snowing out side right now.
I really feel like I'm letting myself (and my coach) down huge right now. I guess Bryan does have reasons to make fun of me for not doing my work outs on my own enough. Though I have been good about both my run, swim and my strength stuff (even my pt stuff). It is just the dumb bike - last year I did the pro club spin class to make it through the winter.

So I need to find a solution, I don't like spin class at the pro club (and my membership ends soon), It is to dark and usually wet to ride to work this time of year. So maybe a spin class somewhere else or get my own trainer or spin bike so I can ride at home. I could also go to work early a couple days a week (or at least when it is a nice day) so I can come home and ride outside before it gets to dark.

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NW Firefly said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up! That should be part of the goals too. I think you are smart enough as well as motivated to find another way around this task. Your last paragraph proved that!!
You have not failed, just stopped at the light and waiting for it to turn green.