Oct 17, 2007

transitioning indoors

Last Friday I ran 5 miles after work - of course I forgot my garmin so I did the greenlake 5 mile route because I know the mileage. I just kind of cruised though it - no pain during or anything. Though later in the evening my hips were sore - which seems to be a common thing these days - I don't really get it though before IMC they were never really sore after a run.
Saturday and Sunday were perfect fall days weather wise but instead of playing outside I kind of hung around the house, did a few random chore type stuff, took a bunch of naps and felt horrible. I also watched the live online coverage of the Ironman Championships most of the day and updated the crew.
Monday I got back into it and did a swim - just 2000 yrds in 55 min or so. I made sure to focus on good form and stayed away from the pull buoy. It always feels good to get in the water - gives my legs a break.
Tuesday night I met Col for a run around greenlake - luckily the rain stopped before we got started. It was a good run, she always manages to push me a bit harder than I would myself. She made me do the hill and met me at the bottom though so that I would work a bit harder. In all we did 4 miles in about 33 min then stood in the cold talking about stuff.
Then this morning I got up and went to spin class - it has been ages since I have been. I had to find my bike shoes that has spd cleats on them... It was an endurance day which I have always liked - no recovery just long intervals - however I don't like the spin bikes as much as my bike. I can never get the fit right - the handle bars does move far enough in and it winds up pulling on my left shoulder (maybe that is were my shoulder issue all started from)... I go through class and even wore my garmin on indoor use to record my heart rate which is always fun to look at. I don't remember sweating so much before but today I felt soaked afterwards (good thing I had extra towels).

So that is it for now.. I'm working on some goals to keep motivated - it is strange though after IMC they all seem small and less motivational in comparison (I need to work on that perception). This weekend is Nike Marathon which should be fun - my only goal is to finish and enjoy the experience (no challenging time goals).

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