Oct 20, 2007

stuck on a plane

I'm heading to San Fransisco to run the Nike Marathon tomorrow but instead of being there already I have been sitting on the plane - still at the gate in Seattle for the past 2 hours...
A update on work outs. Hmmm Thursday was my day off and yesterday instead of running 3 miles I got a massage - which I really need to keep up on so that my legs and back don't get so tight. I'm having some weird tightness by my hip bones so it was great to have that worked on for a while. I'm sure sitting on plane for so long is not really helping right now.
I'm looking forward to the race tomorrow - I don't have any real goals other than to finish and have fun. Luckily the weather is way nicer there then here at home.

ok so they are saying that we will be taking off soon.. wish me luck hopefully I will finally be on my way.

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