Oct 11, 2007

still training

but not blogging as often... It may be because I'm not doing as much or just don't have as much to say since IMC but it seems I only seem to find the time to blog maybe twice a week. I guess at least I'm still training consistently.
Sunday while Kyle went fly fishing in sun Valley I went for a hike - of course I wore my garmin and it wound up being about a 1.5 miles up the mountain and then back down.
Monday I was supposed to do a strength work out but instead I worked on my portfolio since I need to have it updated and done by the end of the week.
Tuesday night I met Col and we did the masters swim at Helen Madison pool. Luckily we got a lane all to ourselves because I just did not really have a stellar night. My left shoulder and arm went numb for a while (which really hurt actually) and I was just kind of slow. The work out was interesting and some what confusing - mostly because how they wrote it on the board but since there is no direction we kind of did our own version. In the end we got about 2200 yrds in before the adult swim started and I sort of found a groove.
Wednesday after work Kyle joined me for a 4 mile run with a few 60 second tempos. I mostly felt good and running with Kyle always challenges me just to keep up with him. The first 2 miles were down hill and felt fine on the way back up it was a challenge but I still did a tempo even when I did not really want to.
Today (Thursday) I did a strength training session - just the usual circuit - upper body, lower body, core. I went easy on the legs because my hips were already sore from the run yesterday and I did not want to be to sore tomorrow since I have another run to do.

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