Jan 19, 2009

train, work, train, sleep, repeat

I just wanted to do a short update I am training and feel on my way for the year. The usual stuff, 3 days a week of masters swim, a couple of runs and I have been doing my long rides on the single speed and a interval bike work out on the spin bike. The main change up is that I have 2-3 days a week of strength training - which I can already tell is helping my swimming :)

I tried out a new swim suit from splish. Sadly it just does not work for me - the top catches sooo much water it feels like it is going to come off. so I'm back to my old faded 2 piece for the time being.

The hard part has been that I have been juggling a big project at work and Kyle's mom broke her arm and we have been helping out a lot so I have been doing my best to get in my work outs and still get some sleep. Kainoa told me to use the workouts as an outlet which really meant that I did not get to use work as an excuse to miss workouts. Of course she has been right finding the time to workout has helped me balance the stress and I'm happy I already feel like I'm getting back into shape and my recovery chub is going away.

The only hicup is that I have had to miss pilates and as a result I have not been getting in enough stretching and my right leg has tightened up to the point that I'm having a lot of ankle pain and some planter fasciitis on the ball of my foot. So I'm having to shorten my long runs and go a little easy on some of the strength training till I can get this dealt with. I'm getting back to the pilates studio along with some ART massage on thursday and I'm hoping I will be good by the weekend. fingers crossed...

ok that is it for now time for sleep so I can get a some spinning done in the morning.

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NW Firefly said...

Good to see you are back on track. Good luck with all that juggling and training.
Love you