Aug 6, 2008

back at it

After two full weeks of recovery, naps, easy work outs and even some travel on Monday I got back to training with a 2600 yrd swim. I felt surprisingly good - not that all of of a sudden I was fast but I felt good. I got a little tired by the last 400 yrds or so but was still able to pull off some negative sets before cooling down. It felt good to be back in the pool even though I had intended to go to early morning masters and just could not get myself out of bed early enough to - so there is always next week.

Tuesday morning I did pilates with Monique as usual - my back and hips are still really tight. I'm just happy my shoulder and upper back strength is getting a lot strong and I don't have to deal with much pain from my left shoulder anymore. Now the main goal has been increasing my flexibility/rotation and upper body strength to help my swim. After Monique smoked my upper body she was nice enough to inflict some ART on my hip flexors...
To change things up a bit yesterday instead of going to greenlake to open water swim Marissa and I went to Madison beach. The beach was pretty crowded with little kids and families trying to escape the heat. I was surprised to see so many people in wetsuits swimming laps inside the roped off area. We swam north from the beach to the tennis club which others have estimated about 1.4 miles - which took about 50 min. On the way out I stopped about every 5 min or so so that we stayed together but on the way back a group of triathletes found us so I swam with out stopping all the way back which felt really good. Though I felt like I was pushed around by the waves from the boats and stuff more than on the way out. The only negative thing was that I had forgotten my ear plugs and as soon as I got out of the water I felt a little dizzy for about 15 min or so.

Now this morning was lots of fun - I dragged Kyle out of bed at 5:15 am to go do a tempo bike ride. I don't think he woke up till almost 30 min into the ride. It was a gorgeous morning - saw the sun come up and the mist rise off the fields at Marymoore park. I started with a nice warm up then really focused on picking up the intensity to put me in my heart rate zone 3 and keeping my cadence up in the 80-90 rpms. By the half way point I was so warm I pulled off my arm warmers, gloves and could not keep my glasses from fogging up. We kept the intensity up all the way back - especially up the last hill then turned it off and cooled down. I stretched out and rushed to get to work in time. It was the best way to start the day - I felt great and loved the challenge to focus and keep the intensity up for at least 45 min. Now Kyle was not really awake but I was proud of myself for never letting him get away from me and half the ride he let me lead :)
My evening run was a totally different story - it felt like it was in the 80s and crazy humid. Marissa and I met to do a moderate 60 min run around green lake. It was hard to keep my heart rate in zone 2 in the heat - and there was no way I could on the hills but I did keep it reasonably low. We stopped at every water fountain we saw to help survive the heat. My legs felt a little heavy from the ride in the morning but in a good way and I just focused on quick turn over.

Luckily tomorrow is my rest day - well I am doing pilates in the morning but nothing else so that I can get some rest before some craziness this weekend... but I'm not spilling the beans on that just yet ;)

Ok time to try and get some sleep in this heat...

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