Aug 10, 2008


I started the weekend by riding my bike to work and back on friday. Nothing intense tried to keep my heart rate in zone 2. Kyle rode with me both ways and on the way in got a flat tire that blew up with a load bang. The tube literally explored.. He had it changed pretty quickly but it defiantly added some excitement to the ride.

Saturday while Kyle did the Cougar Mountain bike climb I went and did a double brick. The plan was 1:30 bike in zone 2, then :30 min run in zone 3, another 1:30 bike this time in zone 3, and finally a :30 min run in zone 3. When I got started it was raining and looked horrible - I'm still shocked I actually got on my bike and on to the road. For the 1st bike set I decided to ride the Sammamish Valley trail because it was empty for once and I thought it would be easier to stay in zone 2. Once I got down to the trail the rain had stopped :) Then with in a few more miles I was so warm I had to stop and put my rain jacket and gloves away. As always the way back I was fighting a headwind but I just geared down and spun until I got to Microsoft hill and broke out of zone 2 but just took it easy going up the hill. I went a bit over my planned time but only by 5 min or so.
I did a quick transition and was off running but I forgot to grab a gel.. so my run felt harder than it was. It was easy to be in zone 3 though. Managed to get 3.5 miles in and immediately ate a gel when I got done.
Another fast transition and I was back on my bike - minus arm warmers, capris, toe warmers, gloves - pretty much most of what i wore the first ride. This time I headed around Lake Sammamish. I was uneventful till I got a little over half way around when I heard teh tell tail hiss sound of a flat. I immediately fount the hole because there was a large gash in my tire. I tried to get my tire off, then tired some fix a flat stuff which just oozed out the whole in my tire and did not fix anything. I would up calling Kyle and had him drive me home since I had to be done by 1pm so I could get to my mom's belly dance performance..
We got back to the house and both Kyle and I switched to run stuff and he rabbited for my last :30 min run. At least I had been eating/drinking a lot more on the the 2nd bike so i was well fueled for this final run. We went out strong and I just chased Kyle the entire way which picked up the pace from my first run to sub 8 min/mi pace for 3.77 miles. After I immediately had a recovery drink and got in a ice bath before heading up to Alpine days to see my mom dance (she did wonderful and looked amazing - I thought she was the best in her groups).

Today Kyle and I got up way to early to go for a group swim and run with the Pauole Sport Team at Madison beach. Luckily we had enough time to get some starbucks on our way or I would have been asleep getting in the water. It was a little windy and cold so the water looked less than appealing but we all got in. I swam for 50 min - made it to the tennis club feeling pretty good. The swim back seemed to be more rough but I just tried to imagine the waves pushing me back to the beach and not away..
Next up we went for a run. I planned on running 1:30 and just see what I had left in my legs from the day before. Kyle found that there were a couple of guys close to his pace so he wound up running 12 miles or so. It was nice that Kainoa was about the same pace as me so we ran the whole way together. Which was good because it distracted me from how tired my legs were. We ran out towards Seward Park but we turned around at the boat house. On the way back i started to feel fatigue in my legs more but we kept our pace up close to 8:30 min/mi only slowing for a hill or two. The last half mile Kainoa seemed to pick up the pace and I just did not have it to stay with her but i never got to far back. In the end we ran about 10.2 miles in just under 1:30 :)
After everyone got back we hung out and talked tri at Starbucks - always fun to meet more people who are equally into triathlon. Once we got home I took an ice bath then put my feet up and took an hour nap only to wake up to watch some olympics. All in all a very good weekend of training. I'm tired now but I feel like I'm only getting stronger :)

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NW Firefly said...

GOOD JOB GIRL! Sounds like you had quite a work out this weekend. THANKS for coming and seeing me perform. It really meant a lot to see your wonderful face in the crowd!