Aug 20, 2008

masters swim

Today was the second time this week I got up super early and dragged myself to masters. Monday was my first experience with this group and luckily it was not very crowded so I got my own lane for most of the work out. It was a great way to ease into the group and was the perfect 1st day. It took me teh full 600 yrd warm up to wake up Kainoa- the coach gave me some pointers and had me work on afew things but nothing huge. She even said it looked like I had improved quite a bit since teh last time I took a lesson with her :)
Today I joined the group again but this time Kainoa put me in a different lane with 2 guys that were just a bit faster than me. It was perfect I fallowed their feet the entire time and it forced me to push myself a little harder to keep up especially when I got tired. It is exactly what I need to help me speed up my swim.
Now the only question is if it ok or would anyone notice if I took a nap under my desk to recover.... hmm

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NW Firefly said...

Good job!
Nahhh! No one will notice...Go for it! lol