Jul 27, 2008

recovery week 1

So lets see Monday I was sore and tired and then spent the entire day in the mini driving home. I think the full day of driving wore me out almost as much as the race.. Luckily Kyle and I stopped every couple of hours to stretch our legs and switched off driving so nether one of us had to drive for to long. We got home at about 12:30 in the morning which sucked - we left everything packed in the car and went straight to bed.
Tuesday I was completely useless. I wore myself out just unpacking the car and then I think I took a nap every 4 hours and was in bed by 10pm.
Wednesday I went to the Orthopedic to have my right ankle looked at - it has hurt and has limited range of motion when I point my toes for a while now and has just not gotten better. Luckily no cracks or anything but I did wind up getting a cortisone shot - which hurt the rest of the day. Fingers crossed in a couple of months it will be all better and I won't have to go back for any further examinations. Then I went back to work but really I was just surviving on coffee/caffeine. I considered doing a work out of some sort to stretch out but instead came home and took a nap and then was in bed by 10pm.
Thursday I woke up early and got myself to pilates for a little help loosening up. My entire body was tight so Monique went easy on me and really focused on stretching out. I only had to have one cappuccino at work. As soon as I was off work I came home and once again took an hour nap then preceded to chill the rest of the night.
Friday I slept in till 7am but after work I went for a 20 mile bike ride - nothing intense just nice and easy. It was funny about half way i started to feel so tired I struggled to get my water bottle. It was kind of bad. I made it back home but I think it was my slowest 20 miler in a long time. Ah well my heart rate barely climbed out of zone 1 most of the ride so slow is to be expected. I immediately took a nap in the warm evening sun before going to watch some track racing down at the Velodrome with Kyle, Col and Bryan.
Saturday we woke up only early enough to watch the Tour de France final time trial stage before heading to Green Lake for a swim. We met Monique at the boat house - it was her 1st open water swim of the year and crazy girl has an Olympic tri next weekend.. ah well Kyle and her both swam circles around me. We swam for about 20 minutes. I actually felt pretty good and my ankle did not hurt to much at all. When we were getting back on the dock both Kyle and Monique declared they think I need more upper body strength to get more power out of my stroke and thus swim faster.. I guess that is what I get for being a skier all my life (strong legs and wimpy upper body). I took a nap while Kyle got his hair cut or something. Later in the evening for the first time in I can't even rember Kyle and I went to a movie - we saw wall-e. Yes I know it is Disney but it was really good and has a great underlying message.
Today (Sunday) Monique and I had talked about doing a run around green lake - she said something about 8 miles - haha.. In the end I decided not to run myself into the ground and instead I went for a nice 5 mile trail run. I love doing trail runs as recovery runs because I completely ignore my pace and just enjoy myself. Mostly I focused on not running through horse poop but I had fun all the same. Afterwards i found myself laying outside and took my second nap of the day ;)

So I think I averaged at least 1 nap a day - which says something... I'm expecting to slowly ween myself off the evening naps and be back to somewhat normal in the next week or so. But at the same time I get to enjoy another week of recovery :)

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