Jul 1, 2008

sticking to it

I'm not going to do Lake Stevens.. I'm going to stay with Vineman. It is the race I have been training for and I just decided I should stay with what I had planed and I need to finish what I started.
Kyle on the other hand most likely will not do Vineman because of the heat - knowing him if he is not going to race it he will not be going anywhere near the race and will probably need to stay home so he does not decide to do it. So the logistics of everything is up in the air. But this weekend I will not be racing I will just cheer for Kyle and do my final build week before tapering.


NW Firefly said...

GOOD for you! Winning the mental game too!

Coach Tammy said...

Nice new header!
Thanks for the support at Lake Stevens yesterday :)) Good luck at Vineman. You're gonna kick some butt!!!