Jun 30, 2008


It has been a couple a weeks since I have felt like posting anything.. I'm not totally sure why but I have just not been motivated to blog much - I have been using twitter and brightkite though - it is easier you only get 140 characters. I have been training and feel strong. Mostly focusing a lot on the bike and then running stronger/faster off the bike - since those felt like my weaknesses in Hawaii. So far so good I seem to be training at my usual race pace with out to much effort and have added a bunch of speed work.

My training was a bit weird/light last week because we left on Thursday for the East Coast to go to a memorial service at West Point. We managed to get a long run in on Saturday but it was miserably hot and muggy. I felt like I was in a steam room - I don't know how those cadets do it. We did not know a lot of options of where to run so we ran from our hotel to the the West Point post - luckily they let us run through the post - we carried ID for the security process. It seems pretty flat in a car but it is defiantly not - you are either going uphill or down and it felt like mostly up. Crazy enough it felt like the run in Hawaii - my legs felt heavy and I wished I had a cup of ice the entire time. But in the end some how I managed to still averaged under a 8:20 min/mile pace..
Other than the run the weekend was filled with trying to survive the time change by taking naps though out the day, spending time with Kyle's family, learning about West Point and Franklin D. Roosevelt and lots of time in a car or waiting for a plane... I got home last night at 2:00am because our flight left over 3 hours late - half of which was while we sat on the runway at JFK... it sucked big time.

On another subject - I have to admit I'm not all that excited about Vineman 70.3.. I think right now I'm only really looking forward to seeing my Dad and/or my Dad getting to see me race. I'm especially not looking forward to driving all the way down there and back. Kyle is about 90% sure he will not be doing it because of the heat - his doctors said no more hot races after getting heat stroke in Hawaii.
It has gotten to the point I have even been considering doing Lake Stevens on Sunday instead of Vineman... I mean with all the travel I wound up having a pretty light week so I could just continue this week as a taper instead of a final build week.. hmm it is very very tempting esp since Kyle is doing the race and our family is already coming out to cheer for him - they could cheer for me as well - my Dad may even be up hear as they are escaping to Seattle from the bad air quality in the bay area. we will just have to see.

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