Jun 17, 2008

in the lake again

After taking yesterday completely off for some much needed rest and recovery from the weekend I started my day off with Pilates with Monique. As usual she completely kicked my ass (well actually today it was a lot of upper body stuff to).. So a good full body work out which is always good.

Then after work Marissa and I went for a maiden swim in Greenlake for the year. It was drizzly in the morning so I questioned myself a few time in the morning when I was grabbing my wetsuit but by the afternoon it was sunny and pretty warm. I only wanted to swim about 20 min - nothing to long or intense just something to get back into open water swimming really. Also I was worried about it being to cold and did not want to be out in cld water to long - esp since I don't have full sleeves on my wetsuit. It was a bit chilly for the first 5 min but once I warmed up then it was perfect. We just swam 10 min out then back staying pretty close to shore. There were a few people out fishing which is sort of sketchy - really did not want to get caught on aline or something messed up like that. The people out on boats just looked at us like we were crazy. But it was really good. I worked a lot of keeping the form I have been working on in the pool so much and on sighting.
Monique had suggested I work on doing a forward sight with out fulling bring my head completely out of the water - essentially just so my eyes come above the surface of the water. It took a while but on the way back I was able to do it pretty well - or at least well enough for the first time trying it. What I really liked about it is that I could keep my rhythm better and not mess up my form as much when I needed to sight. My legs/hips did not sink as much. I also felt like I was able to swim a little straighter - always a good thing.

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