Apr 30, 2009

my body is revolting

My training has been going really well lately - really great 4 hour rides, good base runs but for some reason this week - the week before Vancouver half marathon everything hurts.. It really started last week when my left hip started to cramp and grip - it hurt to walk so I got some ART massage and did some foam roller and it was fine in a day or so. In pilates on Thursday my coordination was all off and my muscles were tired.
Then this week my right hip decided to lock up and hurt even more then the left one.. so Some more ART, did the foam roller, focused on hip strength in pilates and I spent the rest of Tuesday not being able to walk.. hmm Now the rest of the week my legs have felt sore and tired, my shoulders is achy, my core is even tight and kind of sore. I'm super low on energy and not very motivated because everything is so tight.
I'm hoping this is mostly just about my body needing some rest and using this mini taper to go overboard. fingers crossed my legs show up on Sunday..


untpawgal02 said...

your legs will show up for you half mary Sunday... just wait! good luck!

cat. said...

this is PRECISELY how i felt before my race this weekend. last week was so painful!! glad it didn't wind up getting in your way. can't wait to hear about the race!

snowygrl said...

it is funny how our bodies to this - get all cranky when all you want is to feel awesome and ready to go. On Saturday before the race I took 2 naps lol