Apr 17, 2009


Training has been going really well the last couple of weeks. Still lots and lots of base work so it has been rather uneventful. I am finally getting to do some zone 4A work on the bike - mostly hill repeats to help build up my leg strength which I LOVE. I'm starting to feel stronger and can tell all the base work is helping. My swim is also coming along very nicely - though I can't wait to swim in open water again - I am so sick of the walls.
I would just say I'm mostly just heads down focusing on what I need to get done to feel ready for Hawaii 70.3 at the end of May. I am doing the Vancouver half marathon before then but it is not as big of a focus for me this year. In preparation I have made some small changes for the next 43 days.. I am doing pilates twice a week (instead of the normal once), cut out processed sugar as much as I can manage, and really focus on recovery after every workout including both nutrition and stretching.
I also got my hair cut - I know it seems random but I seem to do this every year in prep for summer racing. I had it cut so that it just barely fits in a ponytail. Already it just feels lighter and is way easier to deal with.

And with that I'm looking forward to another weekend full of long workouts in the SUN. Yes the weather is finally starting to cooperate. Happy Training :)


Charisa said...

Love the hair! :)

snowygrl said...

Thanks Charisa - I'm really enjoying it.. so much easier, less shampoo, less maintenance time, less everything :)