Apr 2, 2009

Bikram yoga

On Wednesday night I once again took on the challenge of surviving Bikram/hot yoga with the main goal to not get to dehydrated. I needed a do over after Sunday (see last post). The major difference is I planned out a hydration plan and stuck to it.

During the day I drank Clif shot electrolyte instead of plain water. An hour before I drank a bottle of gatorade endurance. 30 min before I took 2 Thermolyte Sodium-Electrolyte Caps, 2 SportLegs and drank another 10 oz of gatorade endurance. During class I continually drank gatorade endurance (even though they look down at this) - got though a full 24oz bottle. Afterwards I drank another bottle of watered down gatorade endurance and took a very cold shower. On my way home I drank a recovery drink and had dinner and more fluids when I got home.

Luckily all that planning worked. I felt better during the class and did not get a headache afterwards. Not a huge surprise that if I drink more and get in way more electrolytes my body will be much happier - defiantly something to remember in the rest of my training. After all that I don't think I will be making Bikram yoga a regular thing. It just takes to much planning and I am pretty much at capacity with all the swim, bike, run stuff and not to mention my day job. As for the main reason I went back to Birkam yoga - to stretch out - I have been spending some extra time on the foam roller and some very simple yoga stretches pretty much every other day.

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