Sep 23, 2008

on the mend

I hope. After doing Black diamond I have spent most of the week with a cold that just kept getting worse till yesterday. I did one super easy bike ride on my single speed on Tuesday and an easy swim on Wednesday but that is it. Obviously I needed a rest and I was eventually forced to take the week off. I have gone through an entire box of tea, 2 boxes of kleenex and learned that only the original NyQuil will really nock me out. I'm hoping to do something tomorrow but I'm trying to be good and listen to my body as best I can. I'm not very good at being sick as Kyle can attest to - I'm a horrible patient actually.
The only thing interesting is that Kyle got 2nd in his age group at Kirkland Sprint tri on Sunday (his birthday) and I got to be the shripa biatch this time. I have to say even though I was sick I did a good job and carried a back pack that was bigger than me around so that he had warm clothes as soon as he crossed the finish line.

Well that covers things for now- time to take some NyQuil and get some more rest to get rid of this stupid cold so I can do something other than sleep this weekend..

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