Sep 13, 2008

a new first tomorrow

After almost 2 weeks of recovery/taper from being so tired tomorrow I will do my first olympic distance triathlon - Black Diamond. I actually have signed up for this race before in 2006 after i decided to do Ironman Canada but I wound up not being able to do it due to an injury. So now after doing every other distance I will finally do an olympic.
I'm feeling pretty good - the usual aches and pains that show up during a taper but nothing huge. Even though I had to go kind of light the last couple weeks training has been going well and I feel strong. I feel a little uneasy since I don't really know the course and I don't know the distance. I walked though a race plan with Kainoa yesterday and have just been focusing on that. My main goal for this race is to just to get some more race experience and not holding back. I ned to get out of the habit of sandbagging and just see what I am actually capable of.
Kyle gets to be my shirpa biatch because he race last weekend and my Mom and Jerry are also going to come and take pictures and I'm sure have a huge sign of some sort :) It sounds like Kainoa and a bunch of people from the Paulo Sport team will be there and Mr Bryan will also be racing so it should be fun race.
Today I get to take it easy and continue to rest up. Luckily we are going to the Husky football game so I wont have time to be tempted to go for a bike ride in the nice sunny weather.

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Klopeda said...

Great job on the Oly, "my shirpa biatch" is the best thing I've read in a while!