Sep 28, 2008

getting back on track

It was not till Wednesday I got the ok from Kainoa to start doing any sort of training at all and I was supposed to stay well with in zone 1 heart rate.. I was starting to go a little crazy so something is better than nothing right. So on Wed night I put my bike on the trainer and spun for 40 min and then did that again on Thursday night. Luckily I was starting to feel better Thursday night I passed out with out the help of NyQuil and only coughed sporadically. So Friday night I went for an easy run for only about 30 min - I did ok during the run only a few coughs in the first 10 min then I was good. However when I stopped I coughed for what felt like about 5 min.
For this weekend Kainoa had told me not to over due it this weekend so I could start getting back into it this coming week. I got up saturday morning and joined the Herd (a group we met at the Hawaii 70.3) for a bike ride. It was perfect fall weather - just a little cool but sunny and dry. There were about 6 of us and no one was in a hurry so we just enjoyed the ride. It was exactly what I needed. We rode from downtown Bellevue to Renton and then out on the Cedar River trail. It was only a few rolling hills and then mostly flat - perfect terrain to keep my heart rate in check while still getting some quality time on the bike in. On our way back we got caught in a the massive packs from the Group Health and another local bike team.. It completely confirmed why I don't like riding n big packs - esp when most of the people were newbies.. With in a couple miles there was a crash. We wound up riding for about 2 and a half hours and I felt good the entire time.
After a nap I rode my single speed while Kyle did his long run. I got to carry his water and gels while I loosened up my legs soem more and just enjoyed being outside on such a nice day.
This morning after helping kyle get out the door for his long ride I went back to bed for an hour then headed down to Idylwood park to run. I decided to split up my long run - even though it is only 1:45 I just don't want to overdue and this way I don't get to tired or worn out. So I ran an hour this morning on West Lake Sammamish road and watched the fog lift off the lake. I ran easy and thus slow and it took me a good 45 min before I felt warmed up. Even after getting into a rhythm it was slow - but I guess that it where I'm at right now after 2 weeks of being sick.
Tonight I will run another 45 min - Kyle said he would ride his single with me for company (I won't need much else for just 45 min run).

I'm also going through complete pilates withdrawals - in an effort to save money I have stopped going to pilates with Iron Monique for a while :( My shoulder feels ok but my hips and legs feel super tight and I miss the core work. I going to try and remember some of the stuff we did and do it on my own but still so not the same..

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NW Firefly said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better and getting back into a routine. Good Job!