Mar 23, 2008

spring is here

Which just means the weather has become more inconsistent and I never know what to wear - but I'm very happy to see sun more.
It has been wonderful I have managed to get outside on my bike the last two Saturdays - last week was very very wet and this week was sunny. It is way more fun than sitting on a trainer and I'm slowly getting used to my new flight deck and bar end shifters. I don't change gears as often and I should or used to but I'm getting better as I spend more time with them on the road. The best part with the new set up I'm already feel better down in my aeros which is amazing compared to last year when I barley ever used them. I have also been pleasantly surprised at how well riding is going - I was able to hang with the group for the entire ride and still had energy at the end. I'm looking forward to adding a midweek ride in so I can get some more time on the bike and continue to build on how good/strong I feel now.
In general I'm struggling to get enough sleep and I have a soar throat that won't go away (probably because I'm not getting enough rest). Even so training is going well - at least I'm getting everything in. Last week I had 9:39 as total time, Swim Distance 4550 yd, Bike Distance 36.09 mi, Run Distance 17.01 mi. I also had 2 hours of pilates and a very painful massage to try and help loosen my right side.
Ok time to get that much needed sleep so I can survive this coming weeks training schedule. Happy Easter :)

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