Mar 26, 2008

the opposite of heat training

I felt like it was November again.. Tonight Col and I met up to run and IT WAS SNOWING! and pouring rain at the same time. It was very very wet and cold. I was happy I brought my rain jacket with me - just in case this morning - otherwise I would have been even more wet. My hands, legs and feet were cold with in minutes and never really warmed up. The worse was the first couple of miles the wind was blowing the snow into my face and I had flash backs of coaching ski racing - standing on a mountain freezing. The savings grace was we did intervals so at least I got to warm up a tiny bit each time we picked up the pace - though it made me not want to slow down between pick ups. I am so glad tomorrow is my rest day and hopefully by Friday this crazy weather will be over.
That said I'm looking forward to the idea of getting up into the mountains to ski some fresh snow this weekend ;)

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Beiyi Zheng said...

came across your blog when I was thinking I needed the opposite of heat training :) I started a 50 miler race in Saddleback Mountain yesterday, it started out great, by mile 20 on the way to Santiago peak, it got so cold, so windy, plus the rain. It will be interesting to know how you do your training in cold weather.