Mar 6, 2008

A new addiction

First a recap of last week
Swim 2100yrds 54 min, Bike on trainer 2:20, Run 6.53 miles 1:02, Pilates 2 hours, Cross training all weekend in Sun Valley playing in the snow :)

Then kind of light this week to let my legs get ready for Mercer Island on Sunday. So far Swim 2100yrds 45min, Bike on trainer 30 min, Run 4.5 miles 37 min, Pilates 2 hours.

I have had some soreness in my right hip, actually my whole right side has been temprrmental. ART and massage has been helping but it is a process to get it back to normal. Otherwise I am feeling good, catching up on sleep and feeling ready for Mercer Island half marathon.

Now my new addiction - skate skiing. I have wanted to try it for the past year so when Kyle and I went to Sun Valley last weekend it was the first thing I wanted to do. We rented gear and they hooked me up with the top of the line Fischer carbon lite skate ski. We started at the base of Dollar mountain and immediately I was in love. That does not mean it did not take me awhile to get used to skinny skis and a fall where my skis slid out from under me sending me on my ass and straining my right ankle a bit. But I kept with it and patiently got more used to it. Kyle of course got it right away and climbed up the mountain and tucked down all on skinny skis.
I got to go again on a long path that goes through the valley and is groomed - though there were a lot of dog tracks that made it less smooth. I was able to get a rhythm going and felt like I could go forever. My legs were a bit weirded out since I had been on my alpine skis earlier but still. i had a great time and felt like I got a good work out in. I was defiantly wearing way to much. I was hot with in a couple of minutes.
I am so excited to have a new way to play in the snow. Kyle and I are both looking at getting gear so that next year we can get into it and maybe do a rec race or two (if we can find them). I think it maybe my new winter passion - how could I not like a sport based in the snow though.. really.

some more pics just for fun :)

Seattle Lodge Sun Valley

Valley Trail

Galena Yurt

Snowshoeing out of the Yurt

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