Dec 11, 2007

in more exciting news

Kyle got me a single speed for our 4 year wedding anniversary! It is pretty blue and just perfect. I need to find a seat I like but otherwise he has it fully set up :) I love it. While I rode it around the neighborhood it even started to snow a bit which was so fitting since we got married in the snow.


NW Firefly said...

It is a BEAUTIFUL bike...but isn't Christmas for another 10 days! lol
It looks perfect for you.
Love ya

NW Firefly said...

ooops...Ok...Happy Anniversary!
YOu look lovely!

Coach Tammy said...

Kewl! Are ya gonna take it out to the velodrome?

snowygrl said...

no velodrome - mostly just a commuter and goof off bike for some good strength training.