Dec 26, 2007

holiday fun

I have been doing my best to keep up on my training the last couple of weeks during the holidays. I have been having the hardest time getting time on my bike - mostly because it has been hurting my shoulder to ride my road bike, the weather has been sort of nasty (I'm sure I can come up with a few more excuses lol). I'm planning to start riding in to work more and actually go to spinning class (though Col wants me to get on my bike on the trainer instead) so that should help. I have been good about going to pilates which seems to be helping with my shoulder, posture, and my hip issue. I justify the cost only in that I have not been getting regular massages lately.

As for Christmas we have spent time doing things around the house, and hanging out with family and friends. Kyle got me a very sparkly snowflake necklace that I love - it is sooo me :)

On Christmas day while Kyle and Bryan played with bikes Col and I went snowshoeing up on Snoqualmie pass. We had lots of fun even though the trail was very well traveled. It was wonderful just to be up in the snow.

Today I had a bike fit with Col - with the goal to get it so that my left shoulder does not hurt when I ride. First she did a pt exam on my shoulder and was surprised at how weak my shoulder is. Now I have some more exercises to do to hopefully help build some strength. Then we did the bike fit, moved my seat back and up a bit. Added a shim to my right bike shoe so I'm more on the ball of my bad foot. Then the big change I need to get a 55 stem which is crazy short and will probably have to be special ordered. I'm also looking to switch out from road bars to a flight deck with bar end shifters so the goal this winter is to get my bike fitting perfectly. :) I'm a bit annoyed that I even bothered with the bike fit at SVC when I first bought the bike - it sort of seems like the stem length is something that should have been figured out then and even makes me question if my bike is really the best geometry for me... ahh well we will see what we can do to make it just right :)

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