May 29, 2009

race eve

I know I'm behind on the rest of the week here in Hawaii but just wanted to give a quick fast forward.. Tomorrow is Ironman 70.3 Honu. I feel ready. I have had a great week to get used to the heat and enjoy the island.. Today i spent the day doing all the checkins - first registration and T2 (run stuff). Then We checked in the bikes and finally the athlete meeting. They joked about how much hillier the run course is this year with 6 miles on grass in the golf course (used to be only 4 miles). oh well good thing I have been running so many hills teh last coupel of months.

The weather men are saying no winds and lots of sun so I will defiantly be drinking a lot of fluids and taking my salt every :30 min.. oh and tons of spf 70 sunblock. But I am much happier with a calm swim/bike and hot run :)

Ok so I have set my alarm for 4am - James and I want to be at the start around 5am so we have tons of time to do what ever we need to do and not feel rushed in any way. The race starts at 7am Hawaii time (10am Pacific). My bib number is #1216 and as is kind of usual with ironman races they have live tracking online at

night night


D said...

I FINALLY got caught up with your blog (woke up and Google Reader said 4 from you so it was time to hunker down and read... even if I'm not such a fan of the subject matter :P hehe).
Have a fantastic day today!!

Hua said...

Hi snowygrl,

I hope the race went well.

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