May 25, 2009

let the heat training begin

It is kind of funny to say that as the title - since I'm finally taking some time to write this only because it is POURING rain outside. Oh well here goes (don't worry it will be mostly photos).

We flew into Kona on Thursday morning and hung out at the airport waited for James, my Mom and Jerry to get in. It would up being a couple of hours wait because our flight got in a little early and both of theirs a little late. But most important was our bikes and our gear all arrived in one piece.
Once all of us where in town and settled we headed immediately to the beach for a quick swim before it got to dark. James was nice enough to do a little dance in his mini skirt towel for us after swimming.
As the sun set James and I went for a short easy :30 min run just to start getting used to the heat and loosen the legs up. To my surprised when we got back Kyle had already got my bike put together and was starting on his :)

Friday morning Kyle, James and I dropped in on the masters swim at the Kona pool. Coach Borowski was awesome - he put us in lanes and we got started. The lane I started in was a little bit fast for me so I moved down one about 800 yrds into the workout and it was perfect. It was a good workout - I think about 3400 yrds but really I just focused on staying with my lane. Afterwards I got to meet Bree Wee and a few other locals before we headed directly to Starbucks.

Once back to to Mauna Lani the boys finished up building the bikes and then we decided before breakfast to go do another swim but this time in the ocean. We grabbed our bikes and rode down. We swam for about :45 min and then sat on the beach for a little bit enjoying the warm sun before riding our bikes back :)
The rest of the day was spent playing with bikes and generally goofing off.
Once again as the sun was going down I went for a easy :30 min run, this time Kyle joined me and james rode his bike. My legs have felt really good and I liked running when it was warm but not to hot just to ease into the whole hot sun thing.

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Jill Costantino said...

Have a great race this weekend....I'll be cheering you on from Vancouver!!!!!