Nov 3, 2008

we have arrived

After a very long day on an airplane yesterday we are in Clearwater. We spent last night getting settled, my aunt came by to say hi, found the grocery store, and got some dinner before sitting in the hot tub. My mom and Jerry got to witness what happens when Kyle and I don't eat frequently enough. We rushed them through the grocery store and ate a lot of crackers waiting for dinner to come. Once fed things went smoother and we were asleep early.
I woke up this morning at 5am eastern time which is insane.. but I stayed in bed and tossed and turned till about 8am when I got hungry. As usual when we travel to races Kyle's first priority is always the bikes. So as soon as he was awake he started putting the bikes back together. Our new double bike box worked really well and Kyle had them together in no time.
Next up was a short run. Notice in the photo Kyle is wearing a sweatshirt - it did not feel that hot. But as soon as we started running my legs felt soo heavy and I started to heat up. I tested out running with sun glasses since it is so bright her but it made my face extremely hot - with in a mile or so I sweating so much under my glasses that I had sweat running down my face like I was crying.. I was very uncomfortably hot the entire run. I'm very glad to have 6 more days to get used to the warmer temps.
After running we walked around the pier 60 and checked out the beach a little bit. They are already putting up tents for the expo and the beach is gorgeous. We spotted a lot of skinny tri biatchs running, riding and swimming all around town. I'm trying really hard not to get intimidated and just remember I have put in a lot of good training and I'm more than ready to have a fun day racing. and remember to breath..
Later we went out in search of the local tri shop to find a bike pump to fill our tires and found that they have relocated across the street of the host hotel so we went and got some Starbucks. On teh way back we happened upon a really cool bike shop called Hand on Bicycle. The owner was really cool and trued our wheels and pumped the tires up.
When we got home my Mom and jerry already had a yummy homemade dinner ready for us. Probably the weirdest thing today was my foot cramped up and it freaked out my mom. So I took a couple sport legs and must not have swallowed one all the way and an hour later coughed up a mess of the contents... Kyle thought I was choking and my laptop has a light white powder coating over the keyboard.. Kind of yucky.. So I'm trying to drink some cytomax but my throat and stomach feels kind of weird. Hopefully everything will settle over the night and I need to drink more water/electrolytes tomorrow.

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