Nov 20, 2008

To answer a few people's question - Yes I am still alive.
I know I said I would post a race report to explain my finisher photos but for some reason I can't seem to finish it. I have most of it written and notes with photos for the whole thing but to be honest I'm still struggling with how I feel about the race and how I did. So sorry for the delay hopefully I will have it done soon.

In the mean time I have been going to masters swim 3 days a week again and getting some running in to get ready to do the Seattle half marathon in a week.. yeah I'm not sure what i was thinking but it is just a run and my goal is to just enjoy myself so it should not be to intense. But I already told Kainoa that after the race I want an entire week off from all forms of scheduled training. I need a break. I will probably still run or maybe go rock climbing, maybe yoga - really just what ever I feel like. Maybe just clean out our garage and reorganize things before the next season begins.


NW Firefly said...

Glad to hear that you are "back". I think the picture that you posted is "touching" but it is also psychologically holding you back. There are other GREAT pictures of your finish as well as the race. You learned so much in Clearwater. The challenge of being in one of the last waves and then finding yourself "alone" on the course tested your soul more than anything else. You truly have an example of how the set of the mind causes the body to follow. I know your overall time didn't meet your goals. But your swim & bike did exceed! This is only my opinion and I am SO PROUD of you. You are stronger than you know! You are always a WINNER in my book.
LOTS of Love to you!

Coach Tammy said...

Hey girl... just catchin' up on the blog. I hope you actually took "a break", sounds like you really need(ed) one, but you listed 50 things you were going to do while taking a measley week off. Take care of you. hugs.