Feb 5, 2008

still focused

Over all training is going well. I have not been blogging much but I'm still training 6 days a week while jugging the rest of my life.
I love having my bike set up in my office at home so I can spin when ever I want. I have not taken my cervelo out yet with the new flight deck to see how it ride on the road but i will soon enough. Last weekend I got to ride my single with my brother and Kyle - which was a lot of fun to just cruise around. So I managed to get 2 rides in last week :)

Swimming is alright - I'm still not used to the new pool, just not a swimmers pool so it is weird. My swim is really just holding steady at about a 2 min 100 pace on average and I can still do long sets with no problem (I actually prefer them because then I'm done sooner and less distractions). My shoulder has been good but every once and a while I notice the weakness in it so I'm always watching my form.

Now I feel like I have been making really strong gains in my run. Last Saturday Kyle and I ran a hilly 8.4 miles and I pushed myself really hard on the first major hill and then maintained for the rest for the hills and still had energy to the end. It was hard run but it was really good for me. I got some really good hill training and proved to myself that I could stay around my goal pace. I also ran a nice 5 miler around greenlake tonight and even though I was a bit nervous about running alone at night I ran well. I never felt like I was pushing to hard but I managed to finish my 5 miles in 42:37 with only one mile going over a 8:30 pace and it was a mile long hill. So I'm very happy with how my run is coming along.

Along with my triathlon training I have been doing pilates with Monique twice a week - once along with Colleen and one session on my own. It is helping with my shoulder and I just plain feel stronger. I don't know if it is due to the pilates but I have also dropped a few pounds and am a size or two smaller :)

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