Oct 16, 2009

the plan

A couple days ago I started packing for this weekends Nike Womens Marathon and I almost felt lost. It was so weird I am out of the habit of planning or prepping for long runs since my right leg started having issues. So after pretty much talking my coach Kainoa, my PT Jake and my Orthopedic Dr Marla Kaufman that I could be trusted to be smart and not push myself to much and just take it easy but still run/finish the marathon. I will enjoy the course, the scenic views, all the stuff nike has put on the course to entertain. I'm especially looking forward to the Ghiradelli chocolate station at mile 21. Mostly I will just plain play it by ear. If after running easy the first 13 miles I feel good then I can pick up the effort a bit. The main goal is to keep my shin from hurting by walking but if it starts and it hurts enough I will stop. I will not continue to run and risk hurting myself more. I would really like to beat my time from the last time I did this marathon in 2007 in 4:45 but if not no big deal there are many many more marathons in my future.

With that understanding I have been working on my plan for the race. After talking to everyone I had to get used to the idea that to do this it would be a run/walk kind of thing. Ok no big deal I did that in Ironman Canada. Though I know from experience that the Newtons actually hurt my feet to walk more than a couple minutes. So my solution was to order a pair of the Lady Isaac Guidance Trainers which still have the raised lugs but not as much and also has a built up heel so it is less weird to walk.. They are heavier but oh well I think they will be a good compromise.

Next I started making a pile on the dinning table of anything I could think of. Garmin + heart rate strap, lots of Gu 1 or every 4 miles, body glide, visor, gatorade for morning of, race belt. I considered a hand bottle but in the end decided against it to force myself to walk the water stations and thus making everyone happy with walk breaks. Next up arm warmers for the morning. After talking to Jake I decided to run in my compression socks- figure why not I am a dorky tri nerd anyway might as well look the part. A few other snacks for pre race and some salt & sport legs.

I updated my iPod playlist for base runs to be a tad more peppy but not as intense as my race playlist. I did put both playlists on my iPod shuffle but will start with the base list and only switch to race for the last 10k if I feel good and want some motivation to pick up the pace :)

I decided to travel light and leave my laptop at home but I always have my iPhone so I will still be be on twitter and facebook... even considering carrying my phone with me just in case but at the same time I'm not really interested in dealing with how to carry it.

Next up I get to just enjoy the weekend in SF with my Mom who is running her 1st half marathon on her 60th birthday, her sherpa Jerry and my very own personal super sherpa Kyle :)

I think I am as ready as I'm going to be... 26.2 miles here I come :)

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Jen said...

Get out there and enjoy your day :)

Way to go in with a smart game plan...you don't want to do anything to cause more damage.

Congrats to your mom too!