Jun 29, 2009

this is why

I have missed the long rides - no not the 3 to 4 hour stuff but the longer stuff where you hit a wall and keep going and push your self. I love that stuff.
On Saturday i joined Laurie and Greg for a 5 hour ride even though I only had 4 on the schedule. We started early and the weather was perfect. A little cool to start but warmed up just right by the end of the ride. Yeah I hit the wall around 4:15 into the ride (guess I should listen to my coach better obviously knows something ;) but it did not matter I had so much fun riding with them and we rode pretty hard the entire way. I fell back a bit for the last few climbs at the end but I kept pushing myself and I was only a couple minutes behind them in the end. The best part was even though my legs hurt and I was tired I kept going :)
Now I seemed to half left my legs on the bike because on Sunday they did not show up for my long run but I got through it and even got a few miles in on my new Newton shoes.
Today my body still feels achy and sore so I figure I'm paying my price for going longer than planned but it was to much fun at the same time and way to nice a day not to spend a little bit more time outside ;)
I'm sure this will wear off in the winter when I don't want to go back out in the cold rain but right now I'm so loving training long :)

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