Dec 13, 2008

random thoughts

I'm sitting with my feet up waiting for some laundry to finish so I can prep for a 5k "fun run" in the morning.. it is snowing outside and we are watching the NBC broadcast of the Ironman World Championships on tivo of course. I know it is completely not politically correct but I wish they would show more of the top age groupers and less sap stories. They always talk about they same stories and I would love to for once hear about the age grouper that have a day job, a family, squeezes in training and is freaking fast. Those are my heros and their stories are what motivates me. The pros are fun to watch but in more of an unreal sort of way. So the sap stories are great some of the time and a lot of people love them but I really want to hear and see the people that worked their ass off to qualify - they deserve just as much attention and I want to hear their story.
I do like they focused more on the navy seals this year which was pretty cool.

Ok I'm done with that.. just had to say it.

As far as training goes right now I'm mostly in recovery mode - both mentally and physically I need a break so the month of December is very light on swim, bike and run. I have started some strength training and have been told that of all my workouts those are the priority at this point while everything else is flexible till the end of the month.
I would also like to start adding in some cross training in the snow as soon as their is enough in the mountains. I did not buy a ski pass this year for the first time ever which is kind of insane but i would like to get more into skate skiing and snowshoeing. I may not be as into downhill skiing but I still LOVE the snow and need my winter fix.

In other updates I have decided my focus for next year will once again be half ironman distance races. After talking with my coach a bunch I'm going to do 2 half marathons in the spring, then an early season half Ironman (Boise looks like the main contender), do a few local sprints mid summer, then another half ironman in late August or so. Then to finish the year off I'm going to do a fall marathon to start building up to do a full Ironman in 2010. So that is the over all plan.

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Klopeda said...

True that on the coverage, Pro's are fun to watch, but the top age grouper stories are what would be nice.

Al Trautwigs voice was great to hear.